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Reviewed by Martyn A P.

Yanni had my best interests in mind, was an excellent communicator and followed through on his commitments.

Reviewed by Larreen G H.

Yanni is simply the BEST!

Reviewed by April M M.

Yanni answered every question I had. He was constantly in contact to update me about the status of the loan, closing, etc. He did everything possible to get the best rate and terms for my mortgage.

Reviewed by CRAIG P N.

One word, Yanni. He made the process very easy. He communicated with us constantly and he is very very good at what he does. I highly recommend to anyone looking to buy a home

Reviewed by Teresa L M.

I received funding for my home. Yanni was quick to calm and explain.

Reviewed by Daniel S M.

Yanni was available to answer questions and handled everything in a professional manner.

Reviewed by Sara D W.

Yanni and the Team have always taken care of us and I send all my family and friends them.

Reviewed by Reagan S.

Great people

Reviewed by John L.

You have made the entire process of purchasing a home easy and efficient.

Reviewed by Brandon M M.

Yanni has always been honest with me and has never led me in the wrong direction. He has always responded quickly and answers all questions.

Reviewed by Robert D J.

Yanni and his group did an AMAZING job leading us through our refinance and made the process painless! Thank You Robert Jamison

Reviewed by Lindsay M S.

Yanni was wonderful and helped tremendously with our refi. Thank you!

Reviewed by Joseph Carl W.

Yanni, Lucas, and Janice were helpful throughout. Great advice!

Reviewed by Samantha E.

Steven and I have worked with Yanni for several years now and he always provides the very best personal service.

Reviewed by Salman S.

Excellent service

Reviewed by Ann W.

Yanni and his entire staff are not only incredibly knowledgeable, but they also have heart and truly care to ensure that they get the very best mortgage situation possible for their clients. Yanni looks not only at the interest rate, but my entire big financial picture, as well, so the mortgage and everything that goes along with it, payments, etc, are the best possible for my situation, and at the lowest interest rate available. I trust Yanni and his team completely, have used them several times for different properties, and wouldn't work with anyone else. Highly recommend!

Reviewed by Linda Susanne H.

Luca was great very professional, kind, and I appreciate all the work Yanni and Lucas did to get my closing done on time.. Susanne Hesd

Reviewed by Mildred K M.

There is too much stress related to this. All the phone calls, demands and all the emails were just too much. And when you are not computer literature it almost becomes a NIGHTMARE. Had too many emails and PORTALS????? TO FOLLOW WITH. Way too much for this. Had to come to the office to bring paper work due to not making a pdf right. Sending pictures of the papers were not good enough. Asked to go to the bank and get a ledger of a CASHIER CHECK to prove it went through..?? I paid for the cashier check that was required. They don't give cashier checks unless you have the money in there. This is way too much. this is my 3rd house and it was the worst stress ever

Reviewed by Kathryn H H.

Yanni always answered our questions quickly and was very helpful.

Reviewed by Lynsey W.

Yanni was wonderful to work with. He has a deep understanding of the industry from years of experience. He is always calm and level headed when clients might be anxious and stressed. He made the mortgage process seamless and really did more for our transaction that the realtor! We really appreciate all his honesty, help and hard work.

Monica Smith / Texas Lonestar Title

I wanted to take a minute and email you regarding the closing from last week. I just wanted to let you know that I am in love with the e-signature closings. It saved me time at the closing table and money because of less documents to print. As busy as everyone is lately, e-signature closings are the way to go. We print mounds & mounds of documents for closings daily. Most average around 150 pages. I printed 60ish pages for this closing. When we are back to back in closings daily, a closing package with 60 pages saves us time in the closing room. Between that and the awesome, quick funding on the file, it was a win-win.

Thanks for making a quick & smooth closing! I hope all lenders take the e-signature closing route soon!!!! 😊

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